A painting of a kite flying in the sky.

Experience the Vibrant San Ramon Art and Wind Festival in 2023!

Imagine a place where the sky transforms into an ever-changing canvas, dotted with kites of every hue dancing to the tune of the breeze—a visual symphony where art and nature weave together seamlessly.

Welcome to the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival, an annual gathering that beckons families, kite aficionados, and art connoisseurs from diverse backgrounds. Through my own eyes, I’ve seen this festival blossom—becoming more than just a display of beauty; it’s a vibrant cultural rendezvous where imagination soars as high as the kites overhead.

This year is set to be particularly memorable with Malti Lee’s stunning solo exhibition making its debut among the festivities. Her artwork serves as a rich exploration of natural splendor entwined with urban vibrancy—an encounter that promises to leave you spellbound! As you wander through Central Park on Memorial Day weekend 2023, each moment brims with creative wonder and aerial delights.

Brace yourself for an uplifting journey through whimsy and marvels galore!

Key Takeaways

  • The San Ramon Art and Wind Festival takes place every Memorial Day weekend in Central Park, California. It includes kite flying, arts and crafts vendors, live entertainment stages, and food courts.
  • British Indian artist Malti Lee will debut her solo exhibition “Lost in Color” at the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Art Gallery during the festival.
  • Visitors can engage in activities like a free kite – making workshop, enjoy an assortment of food from various vendors, and see performances on different stages.
  • Opportunities exist for artists to showcase their work, for volunteers to help out at the event, and for local nonprofits to apply as food vendors.
  • Planning your transportation is recommended due to limited parking; also explore nearby attractions such as Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve or Las Trampas Regional Wilderness.

Overview of the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival

The San Ramon Art and Wind Festival takes place at the San Ramon Central Park in California every Memorial Day weekend. This free event features a wide array of activities, such as kite flying, fine arts and crafts vendors, live entertainment stages, delicious food offerings, and much more.

Location and event details

Central Park in San Ramon transforms into a playground of creativity for the Art and Wind Festival. Imagine yourself surrounded by colorful kites dancing in the sky as artists display their crafts.

This is where I’ll be soaking up culture, music, and local talent. You can find me strolling through rows of stalls that showcase everything from fine arts to unique crafts.

Mark your calendars! The festival covers two food courts for when hunger strikes after you’ve been dazzled by live entertainment across four stages. Local bands will fill the air with tunes while families gather to enjoy carnival rides nearby.

With Malti Lee’s art exhibition “Lost in Color” on display, there’s a blend of urban vibrancy meeting natural beauty waiting just for you at Lindsay Dirkx Brown Art Gallery within Central Park itself.

Let’s not forget about supporting our community too – it’s all happening here at this much-loved outdoor festival.

Featured activities and attractions

Experience an array of exciting activities and attractions at the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival!

  1. Enjoy browsing through a diverse selection of fine arts and crafts from talented local artists.
  2. Immerse yourself in the colorful spectacle of kite flying demonstrations, including unique and innovative kite designs soaring high in the sky.
  3. Indulge in delicious offerings from specialty food vendors, featuring a variety of culinary delights to tantalize your taste buds.
  4. Engage in the creative process with a free kite-making workshop, where you can design and build your very own high-flying creation.
  5. Delight in special events and performances, including music festivals, party bands, and entertainment on three different stages for a truly dynamic experience.

History and significance

The San Ramon Art and Wind Festival has been a beloved tradition for many years, celebrating the creativity and spirit of the community. This festival dates back over 35 years, showcasing stunning fine art, captivating kite demonstrations, and an array of mouth-watering delights.

It’s not just about art; it’s a cultural experience that brings people together to revel in the joy of artistic expression and the exhilarating dance of colorful kites against the sky.

As we delve further into this year’s event, let’s explore what awaits us at the vibrant San Ramon Art and Wind Festival in 2023!

What to Expect at the 2023 Art and Wind Festival

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and fun at the 2023 San Ramon Art and Wind Festival. From fine arts and crafts vendors to kite flying demonstrations, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this vibrant event.

Fine arts and crafts vendors

I am thrilled to share the vibrant array of fine arts and crafts vendors you can expect at the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival! Malti Lee, a British Indian artist, will be hosting her debut solo exhibition at the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Art Gallery as part of the festival. Her exhibition, titled “Lost in Color,” explores the fusion and contrast of nature in urban environments. In addition to Malti Lee’s captivating exhibition, you can explore an extensive selection of exquisite artwork from talented local and international artists. The festival offers a diverse range of handmade crafts, including jewelry, ceramics, textiles, and more – all perfect for adding a touch of artistry to your life. Delight in discovering unique handcrafted items from skilled artisans that showcase creativity and skill. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with the talented vendors and gain insight into their artistic processes while supporting their craft.

Kite flying demonstrations

Get ready for thrilling kite flying demonstrations at the 2023 Art and Wind Festival in San Ramon! Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Skilled kite flyers showcasing mesmerizing aerial displays against the backdrop of Central Park.
  2. Dazzling dual-line and quad-line stunt kites performing breathtaking acrobatics, twists, and loops in the sky.
  3. Spectacular giant inflatable kites, including dragons, octopuses, and other whimsical creatures soaring high above the festival grounds.
  4. Interactive kite-flying lessons and workshops for all ages, offering hands-on experience with various types of kites.
  5. A showcase of innovative kite designs from renowned artists and enthusiasts, highlighting the artistry and diversity of modern kite crafting.
  6. Opportunities to join in the fun with your own kite or purchase one from skilled vendors offering a wide array of traditional and cutting-edge designs.

Delicious food offerings

Indulge in a variety of delicious food offerings at the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival:

  1. Savor mouthwatering artisanal local treats, including gourmet popcorn, kettle corn, and cotton candy.
  2. Enjoy a diverse selection of international cuisines such as Mexican street tacos, Hawaiian shaved ice, and fresh sushi rolls.
  3. Treat your taste buds to classic festival favorites like funnel cakes, hot dogs, and garlic fries.
  4. Relish in the aroma of freshly grilled barbecue dishes and savory smoked meats prepared by local vendors.
  5. Quench your thirst with refreshing drinks such as freshly squeezed lemonade, fruit smoothies, and tropical iced teas.
  6. Experience the culinary creativity with unique offerings like gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, loaded nachos, and exotic flavored popcorn.

Free kite-making workshop

Get ready to unleash your creativity at the Art and Wind Festival’s free kite-making workshop! Dive into the fun as you design and construct your own colorful kite, then watch it soar high into the sky.

Embrace the joy of crafting as you learn about different kite designs and materials, all while enjoying the lively atmosphere of the festival. Plus, take delight in witnessing a multitude of kites grace the sky during captivating flying demonstrations where expert flyers showcase their skills with vibrant kites of various shapes and sizes.

Gather your family and friends for an unforgettable experience filled with art, wind, and endless laughter!

Unlock your imagination at the free kite-making workshop during San Ramon’s Art and Wind Festival in 2023 – an extraordinary opportunity to bond over creating beautiful kites that will dance gracefully in the breeze.

Let your artistic spirit thrive as you fashion unique kites that reflect your personality against a picturesque backdrop featuring stunning international music performances, delectable food offerings, exciting entertainment acts throughout Central Park.

Special events and performances

Get ready to experience a vibrant lineup of special events and performances at the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival in 2023!

  1. International Music Stage: Immerse yourself in the captivating rhythms and melodies from around the world, with live performances featuring diverse musical genres and international artists.
  2. Party Bands Showcase: Move to the beats of energetic party bands that will have you dancing and celebrating amidst the lively festival atmosphere.
  3. Entertaining Street Performers: Be delighted by talented street performers showcasing a variety of entertaining acts, from jugglers and magicians to living statues and acrobats.
  4. Cultural Performances: Witness colorful cultural performances that celebrate the diversity of our community, featuring traditional dances, music, and storytelling from different heritages.
  5. Youth Talent Showcase: Marvel at the incredible talents of young performers as they take the stage to share their artistry through music, dance, and other artistic expressions.

How to Participate in the Art and Wind Festival

Interested in being a part of the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival? There are opportunities for artists, vendors, volunteers, and sponsors to get involved in this vibrant community event.

Calls for artists and vendors

As an artist or vendor, here’s how you can be a part of the upcoming San Ramon Art and Wind Festival in 2023:

  1. Showcase your fine arts and crafts at the festival’s craft fair, giving attendees a chance to admire and purchase your unique creations.
  2. Submit your non-profit food and beverage application to share your delectable offerings with festival-goers and contribute to the vibrant culinary experience.
  3. Participate in the featured artwork exhibition to gain exposure for your work and connect with art enthusiasts from the local community and beyond.
  4. Engage young visitors at the kid zone by offering interactive, art-related activities or selling child-friendly artistic products.
  5. Contribute to the lively atmosphere by creating kite-themed merchandise or hosting kite-making workshops to entertain and educate attendees.
  6. Apply for a space at the festival’s artisan market, where you can display and sell your wind-inspired products, captivating kite lovers with your unique items.
  7. Share your passion for kites by joining the kite flying demonstrations, captivating audiences with your skillful aerial displays and innovative designs.
  8. Take advantage of this engaging platform to network with fellow artists, vendors, and kite lovers while being part of an event that celebrates creativity and community spirit.

Volunteer opportunities

Here are the volunteer opportunities available at the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival:

  1. Help set up and decorate the kite – making workshop area.
  2. Assist with coordinating and managing the children’s virtual art and crafts activities.
  3. Support the event staff in organizing and facilitating the kite flying demonstrations.
  4. Aid artists and vendors in setting up their booths and attending to their needs during the festival.
  5. Contribute to maintaining a clean, welcoming environment for all attendees throughout the event.
  6. Join the volunteer team for information distribution, guiding visitors, and ensuring smooth operations at different festival locations.

Sponsorship options

Thinking of sponsoring the Art and Wind Festival? Here are some great opportunities to get involved:

  1. Showcase your brand through event signage, social media promotions, and logo placement on festival materials.
  2. Collaborate with the festival to create unique and engaging experiences for attendees.
  3. Engage with the community through interactive booths or displays, showcasing your support for the arts and local events.
  4. Enjoy networking opportunities and exposure to a diverse audience throughout the festival duration.

Non-profit food and beverage applications

As a kite lover, I’m excited to share details about the non-profit food and beverage applications for the upcoming San Ramon Art and Wind Festival in 2023!

  1. Local nonprofit organizations can apply to be a part of the festival by offering delicious food and beverages to attendees.
  2. As a nonprofit, this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your culinary talents and raise funds for your organization.
  3. The festival draws in a large crowd, providing great exposure for your nonprofit’s cause while serving up tasty treats.
  4. By participating in the event, your organization can contribute to the vibrant atmosphere and community spirit of the festival.
  5. The application process is straightforward, giving you an easy way to get involved and make a positive impact on the festival-goers.
  6. Whether you specialize in delectable snacks or refreshing drinks, there’s a place for your nonprofit at this exciting event!
  7. With your participation, you’ll not only support the local art scene but also provide festival attendees with delightful culinary experiences.
  8. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of an unforgettable celebration while promoting your nonprofit’s mission through food and beverage offerings!

Tips for Enjoying the Festival

– Plan your transportation in advance, as parking can be limited. I recommend carpooling or utilizing public transportation to get to the festival. Also, be sure to check out nearby attractions and events happening during the same weekend for an even more enjoyable experience!

Parking and transportation

As a kite lover, I always plan for a hassle-free experience when attending the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival. Here’s how to ensure smooth parking and transportation:

  1. Central Park in San Ramon offers ample parking spaces that fill up quickly, so arrive early or utilize nearby parking lots.
  2. Consider carpooling with fellow festival – goers to reduce traffic congestion and environmental impact.
  3. Utilize public transportation options such as buses or rideshare services to reach the festival grounds conveniently.
  4. Bicycle racks are available at the event, so consider biking to the festival for an eco – friendly transportation option.
  5. Keep in mind that designated drop – off zones are available near the festival entrance for convenient access.
  6. Accessible parking spaces are available for individuals with disabilities, providing easy entry and exit from the festival grounds.
  7. Stay updated on any road closures or alternative routes provided by local authorities during the festival days.

Recommended reviews

Winding down from the festival excitement, I highly recommend checking out the vibrant reviews of Malti Lee’s debut solo exhibition, “Lost in Color.” Her captivating fusion of nature and urban environments truly makes her artwork a must-see for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Additionally, don’t miss the chance to indulge in the international music and party bands featured on multiple stages – it’s an experience that amplifies the festival’s lively atmosphere.

Be sure to explore the variety of entertainment options available as they add an extra flair to an already exceptional event.

Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or visiting for the first time, make it a priority to support local artists and vendors at their booths. There’s no shortage of talent on display, making it easy to find unique treasures while contributing directly to their success.

Nearby attractions and events

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and head to the nearby attractions after the festival. Check out these nearby attractions:

  • The stunning Bishop Ranch Regional Preserve, perfect for a leisurely hike or nature walk.
  • Explore the scenic views at Las Trampas Regional Wilderness with its picturesque trails and diverse wildlife.
  • Discover local history at Forest Home Farms Historic Park, offering a glimpse into San Ramon’s past through guided tours and exhibits.
  • Experience family fun at The Golden Skate roller rink, where you can glide and spin to lively music.

Ways to support the community through the festival

Support local artists and vendors by purchasing unique handmade kites, art pieces, and crafts at the festival. Engage with the community by attending art workshops, interacting with vendors, and participating in hands-on activities.

Enjoy delicious food offerings from local food vendors while supporting their businesses.


Get ready to be captivated by the 2023 San Ramon Art and Wind Festival! This vibrant event showcases fine arts, crafts, kite flying, delicious food, and live entertainment. Participate in the festival as an artist or vendor, volunteer to support this amazing event, or enjoy the festivities with your family and friends.

Malti Lee, a renowned British Indian artist known for her fusion of nature and urban elements in her artwork will share her debut solo exhibition titled “Lost in Color” at the festival.

The Lindsay Dirkx Brown Art Gallery is honored to host this exceptional display of creativity.

The safety considerations and ethical practices of the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival ensure a transparent experience for all attendees. With rigorous regulatory compliance and certifications in place, visitors can enjoy the festival with peace of mind.

Experience the vibrancy of art combined with wind-based activities at the 2023 San Ramon Art and Wind Festival! Embrace an immersive cultural experience that supports local artists while offering fun-filled activities for both children and adults.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revel in artistry within a lively community setting.

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